On HF, 24 hours later

Wow, Monday afternoon saw some nice, low-noise QSOs on 10 meters right as the sun was going down, leading to some gray-line propagation down to South America.

I made easy contact with Hector, CE3FZL, down in Chile, some 4,000 miles from my QTH. Moments later, I scanned down the band and ran into Ti2/AA8VL, operating from Costa Rica with an earth-shattering signal into the southeast. I received 59s on both, then headed off to pick up dinner and get back in time for the KARC net later in the evening.

Afterwards, about 6-7 of us took over a frequency on 80M and held a lengthy QSO on everything from video production to digital modes. I signed out to spend some time with my wife and the dogs, then headed back into the shack just before midnight in search of one final “special” QSO before heading off to bed.

Scanning around on 40M, I heard a fairly weak signal from Sandra, HK3JJB. Fortunately, the signal improved to an honest 59 and I punched through the pile-up on my first try, receiving a 59 report, even though I managed to double over the station once (thanks to the stations who let me know, sorry to hold up the proceedings!)

Overall, another great night with the FT-847.

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