10 DX contacts tonight

I didn’t make it home in time tonight to fool around on 10 meters, so I tuned around on 20, 40 and 80 a bit. It’s the weekend for the 2012 ARRL DX Contest so the bands were active, mainly with rapid fire signal report exchanges. I enjoy the impersonal nature of these, because it’s a quick way for me to test the propagation and see how far out my radio can reach.

Getting acknowledged can be difficult and usually if I can’t get in after 20 minutes of calling, I’ll move on.

I had a neat contact with Greenland on 20 meters, XP1A, followed by Tobago on 40 meters, 9Y4W, before I headed out for dinner.

I turned the rig back on after midnight and I had good luck making fast contacts. 20 meters was somewhat devoid of background noise and I managed to easily work stations from Martinique, Brazil, the Virgin Islands, Argentina, Chile, Colombia, Anguilla and Mexico, simply by scrolling up the band from edge to edge.

I switched over to 40 meters, which was an explosion of RF. I had negative success trying to contact Hungary, Brazil and some Caribbean islands.

I turned off the rig after logging 10 stations. Not too bad for an evening that started out poorly!

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