Traveling the world before lunchtime

The ARRL DX contest continues to be fertile ground for testing the range of my rig. I’m learning quite a bit about propagation and how to read the maps over at DX Sherlock.

I began the morning working 10M phone from edge-to-edge and easily recorded contacts from: Costa Rica, Argentina, Barbados, St. Vincent and the Grenadines, Uruguay (the OM was only running 100W!), and Guadeloupe.

I also heard XE1RCS/B, an 8 watt beacon on 28.182 Mhz SSB, about 1,500 miles away in Mexico.

I decided to chase down some European contacts on 20 meters and met some resistance as the signals were much weaker and the QRM was very noisy, but in most cases I still punched through, logging stations in Germany, Spain, San Marino (!), and an elusive station in Hungary I’d been listening to for several nights.

What a great way to enjoy donuts and coffee!

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