More DX and a stateside contact

Well another day off work has resulted in some interesting contacts this afternoon. Going through my log last night, I realized almost all 40 of my contacts were DX stations. I don’t have anything against working stateside stations, but being such a newbie at all of this, there is nothing more exciting to me than reaching out and making contact with a station that is thousands of miles away.

So I made an effort today to respond to some US CQs. But not before logging a great QSO with UR5MW, a station in the Ukraine. I spoke with Victor on 20 meters, nearly 5,300 miles away. His signal was weak, as I’m sure mine was, but I could copy him just fine.

Next, I heard Mike, W9VLE, calling CQ out of Indiana on 20 meters with a nice loud signal. A ragchew ensued, and by the time we were done, there was a queue of stations piling in to talk with him.

I couldn’t find anything else interesting on 20, so I decided to work some of these intermediate bands that I rarely check, 17 and 12 meters. I had a great QSO with HI3/KL7JR, aka “Yukon” John, working from Hispaniola Island in the Dominican Republic, where he has apparently retired.

He was working with a small modified CB antenna and putting out a nice signal from the Caribbean, despite some sketchy band conditions. The image is from his QRZ page: What a fantastic view! If I could only be that fortunate… Before we signed off he wished me “cheers and beers.” Indeed!

I wrapped up for the afternoon around 3:30 p.m. with a great contact with Chris, F1DLT, out of France, near the Swiss border. I turned into a bit of a Francophile some 11 years ago when I took a trip to France, so I was very excited to log my first contact from France in the country itself (compared to the French island contacts I’ve made). My signal was fairly weak and I received a 55 report. He indicated he was running 2KW into a 9-element yagi, so I could hear him just fine. I regret we couldn’t chat longer so I could use my rudimentary French a bit.

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