Setup on Logbook of the World

Seems like Logbook of the World leaves a lot of hams frustrated. I recall a ham at our last meeting telling an ARRL rep that he never managed to complete the setup.

And the setup is a pain, but the ARRL’s documentation on it is fairly meticulous. It’s just aggravating that you can’t set it up in a single sitting. You have to get it halfway setup, wait for the ARRL to send you a postcard with a special code, punch in the special code on the ARRL website, then wait several more days for them to create a certificate for you, THEN, continue the final setup.

No, it’s not hard; it’s just time-consuming, and a minor annoyance to impatient folks like me. And to be honest, I’m not sure how much use I’ll get out of it.

Example: After uploading a log file with more than 50 QSOs, LoTW only reported 8 confirmed QSLs from that batch. So out of all the operators I’ve spoken with, only eight of them use LoTW. Since I’m not really chasing awards, I guess there isn’t really much of a point for me to use it, although it does provide a nice searchable backup of my QSOs in case my logging program ever pukes up (But for added safety, I maintain a backup of my log on Dropbox!)

Anyway, I’ll keep using it, having gone to the trouble of getting it rigged up. In fact, I think my logging program, jLog, will even sync to LoTW automatically.

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