Ciao l’Italia!

Wow, the bands sounded great tonight, finally! I regret I didn’t make it home early enough to work 10 meters as much as I’d like, but I still managed several interesting QSOs.

First off, I nailed Venezuela on 10 meters, which eluded me several nights ago. I chatted with Juan, YV1FPT, and received a 59.

I had failed attempts to contact stations in Barbados (pile-up, plus QRM), St. Lucia (BIG pile-up), and the Virgin Islands (OM left to “refresh an adult beverage” and never returned!).

I tried to work an Italian station on 40 meters, Roberto, I2VRN, but couldn’t get in before the pile-up started. Persistence eventually paid off, because the operator wasn’t interested in quick-fire DX QSOs. I guess the crowd grew tired of waiting in between chats, because it seemed like the other stations dispersed. I threw out my call. The station came back and awarded me with an honest 59 signal report. We had a pleasant chat and I turned off the rig for dinner.

I jumped back on 40 later and made contact with W5WWL, a club station in New Orleans celebrating it’s 90th year. Had a nice chat with the operator there, who was familiar with my QTH, Columbia, S.C.

Overall a nice evening of radio!

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