Stuck in the South

Wow, no great DX to report tonight. I got home at dusk and caught some gray-line, and easily worked LU5FT, an Argentina station on 10 meters, then rolled the dial down to catch TG9AHM, out of Guatemala. I also caught two Brazilian stations back to back, PY5AS on 10 meters and PY5KD on 12 meters.

I heard three local hams, all with KK4 prefixes (I know at least one of them personally), working several of those South American stations. I think we were stepping all over each other. At least I dropped my call multiple times while one poor guy was trying to reach Brazil. Because of the skip it was hard to hear them in there.

20 meters didn’t yield any fun tonight. I hopped on 40 meters around midnight and listened in on a DX pile-up in the Dominican Republic. By the time I finally copied the station’s callsign, the big guns had turned their beams toward the Caribbean and cranked up the watts.

The paucity of interesting DX tonight made me wonder if my rig is working properly. I haven’t heard a European station since this time last week. Maybe I need to start getting up early just to work across the pond.

In an aside to my LoTW setup tonight, I discovered some of my prized DX QSOs were missing from my LoTW database, including Ukraine, San Marino and Germany. I tracked the problem down to the log file I uploaded. It seems several callsigns were invalid because jLog appended an extra space to the end of them — likely as a result of my copying and pasting calls from into my logger. Once I removed the offending spaces, I resynchronized with LoTW and all my QSOs were there.

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