California, Guatemala

I’ve really hit a wall the last two days. I haven’t been able to jump on the radio until late at night, and the bands have really been noisy, particularly with loud static crashes on 40 meters and below, for the last few evenings.

Signals from the west coast have been coming in quite well though. I managed to work my second California station, Alex, W6AFA, quite easily Thursday night on 20 meters.

I logged my second Guatemala QSO tonight, Edgar, TG9AXF, on 40 meters. I didn’t find much action anywhere else, although I tried to contact a strong Washington state station several times. I’m not sure if he ever heard me and he was a bit of a ragchewer, so by the time all the calling stations cleared out, his signal had weakened significantly and atmospheric noise was overwhelming. It seemed like no amount of notching, filtering, shifting or RF gain adjustment would clear it up.

Hopefully the weekend will bring some nice action.

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