Good DX on Saturday

There is a contest this weekend, and while it’s not great for ragchewing, it’s good for making quick contacts just to see how far the signal carries.

I didn’t contact a lot of stations on Saturday, but I got a few nice ones. I spoke with John, YS1/NO7B, operating from El Salvador, on 20 meters, and farther down the dial, made a quick contact with LS1D, a club station in Argentina.

A few moments later, I worked Peter, HA8RM, out of Hungary on 20 meters, which was one of the most challenging QSOs of the afternoon. He had a pile-up going, and I managed to get through, but the always annoying “DSD” portion of my call once again proved difficult to copy. There was massive interference on the frequency, causing issues for both of us, but the operator was patient and we logged a successful contact.

I made an easy contact with YU1BFG (big freakin’ gun? hehe), a Serbian club station with a big signal into North America.

After dinner I had two contacts into North Dakota on 20 meters, where a QSO party was taking place: Nancy, K9DIG, with a booming signal, and a few turns of the VFO down, William, ND0B.

I switched up to 40 meters and managed to break through and easily contact Jim, CN2R, operating from Morocco.

The only real missed opportunity of the night was a South African station that never heard me. He was way down in the white noise on 40 meters, and while I could copy him 100 percent, he had a pile of stations calling him. I didn’t have a chance.

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