Enjoying ham while walking

The days seem endless now that Daylight Saving Time is in effect, and with the 80+ degree temperatures, it’s time to start walking again in the afternoons.

I always associate my afternoon walks with ham radio, because last summer I studied for my Technician and General exams using the Ham Radio Podclass. Podcasters John and Mike often accompanied me on my evening explorations of the neighborhood. Sadly, they have decided to discontinue the podclass, which is too bad, because their training is excellent. (I also suggest Dan, KB6NU’s, “no-nonsense” study guides!)

Last week when I hit the streets I realized I didn’t have any good ham radio-related podcasts on my iPhone. I’m mostly caught up on TWiT’s Ham Nation, so I was on the lookout for something new. I’m happy to say I found it!

I’m now listening to The Practical Amateur Radio Podcast (PARP), by Jerry, KDØBIK. These are great! The length is perfect. They are informative (today, from episode 52, I learned how to use the QSL bureau, something I’d been wondering about for a while), and they are well-produced with great audio.

After listening to episode 51 I’ve been inspired to try and make a QSO every day. So when I returned home from this afternoon’s walk, I turned on the rig with that intention in mind, and made a nice contact on 20 meters with John, V47JA, on the Caribbean island of St. Kitts.

I only had a single contact on Sunday, Andy, 9Y4LAS, from Trinidad, on 40 meters.

Just after midnight Tuesday morning I had a brief QSO with Julio, HI8JQE, of the Dominican Republic. I’ve tried working him before with no luck, but tonight I easily made contact on 40 meters.

So that’s at least one QSO a day for the last three days!

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