Bad behavior on 20 meters tonight

Wow, 20 meters was full of sociopaths tonight.

I completed two nice QSOs, Juan, EA8YB, from the Canary Islands, and Filipe, CT1ILT, from Portugal, and was tuning down toward the lower end of 20 when I ran across what could only be described as a mosh pit on-air and in-progress. I don’t know who made who mad, but about 20 different voices were all screaming at each other. From what I gather, one OM called into question the character of another and threats were made. What followed was some of the foulest language I’ve heard on air to date.

I left that train wreck for dinner and came back 15 minutes later for the local 2 meter net. I turned the rig back on and they were STILL going at, perhaps using more creative expletives.

After the net, I tuned up to try and catch a German station operating from Namibia. At first I could only hear the pile-up, so I figured I wasn’t able to pick the station up from my location. Then it dawned on me that he might be operating split.

I tuned up the band a bit and found him. He was easily 57-58 into South Carolina. I copied him over to my second VFO and tuned back over to the pile-up and entered split mode on my rig. I was ready to make my first split contact, when something weird happened.

I switched back to listen to the pile-up and all I heard was a lone station with a loud signal uttering some insane political/religious (?) rhetoric. I clicked back to the German station, just in time for him to announce he was switching to CW. Back to the calling frequency: An operator asked the insane station about his call sign. I didn’t catch it, but the weirdo declared “I’m a real psychopath,” in what I assume was an effort to threaten the station who questioned him.

Just like that, the rare Namibia station was gone, apparently in response to the bad behavior. What the hell guys?

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