99… and 100!

I finally have 100 QSOs in the log!

By the time I got to the rig tonight, there weren’t many stations out on 20 meters, but I heard KB0EO calling CQ out of Minnesota. I responded, running 50 watts, and we had a nice QSO, even though his beam was pointed north.

I logged QSO #100 shortly afterwards, the Russian station, TO5K, operating from Martinique. There was a pile-up but I got in on my first shot, again just running 50 watts.

Just as a personal experiment, I decided I would start dialing my power back progressively in order to get a more “QRP-like” experience. I’ll try and maintain 50 watts this week, then perhaps go down to quarter-power and lower at some point. I’m not sure my antenna is installed high enough for good QRP, but I feel like working with less is only going to make me better when I work with more.


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