Where is everybody?

Only managed to make a single QSO tonight, Stony, KB5IRC, out of Arkansas. I managed to catch him calling CQ on 40 meters around 11:30, and we spoke for a few minutes, even though the QSO was getting banged up by QRM and static crashes.

I heard a few intriguing stations earlier in the evening, E51M, from the Cook Islands out in the South Pacific (didn’t try to work ’em, I could barely copy his signal over the background noise), and a station out of the western portion of Africa, Guinea-Bissau (also very weak).

Last night I heard a station from Hawaii, and another little African station from Burkina Faso. Massive pile-ups on both. I’m getting quite a geography lesson from ham radio. I’d never even heard of Burkina Faso. I didn’t try working either of them though, because again, I could barely hear them.

I heard a booming signal out of Italy tonight, at least 20 dB over, I2VRN, a cool cat I’ve worked before. Man what a beautiful signal from his station tonight.

I’m still waiting for 6 meters to open. I received an e-mail alert today concerning an opening near my gridsquare. Naturally, when I got home 4 hours later, the band was dead. I haven’t heard ANYTHING on 6 but harsh, gravelly static and a whistle or two.

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