Barely getting any action…

I don’t know whether there just isn’t that much going on across the bands, or perhaps I’m not getting on the air at the right time of day.

I’ve been taking advantage of the warm weather and extended daylight to venture out on long walks in the evening after work, so I know I’m missing the TEP and gray line propagation I was enjoying a few weeks ago. By the time I turned the rig on tonight, portions of 20 meters and anything higher were dead zones. There is a lot of action on 40 meters, but I haven’t heard anything intriguing.

After the high of my Australian contact last Friday, I didn’t expect to make another one for quite some time. But to my surprise I had another down under QSO with VK6ANC on 20 meters via the long path on Saturday. By all accounts, it should have been a much more technically impressive contact, but darn it was just too easy! He had such a nice signal it was like talking on a local repeater. No pile-up either, and that’s always a good thing.

I made a single contact on Tuesday, Jose, CT3MD, from the Madeira Islands near Portugal on 20 meters.

Tonight I spoke with Larry, K1IED, out of Connecticut, my first contact with that state if I’m not mistaken, also on 20 meters.

On that same frequency a few moments later, the South Pole station, KC4AAA, began working and a massive pile-up ensued. The Antarctic station was weak, perhaps an S3-S4, but I could hear them clearly. I threw my callsign out, but was quickly swallowed by the bigger guns. A few moments later, I couldn’t hear KC4 at all.

While I didn’t get a QSO out of it, it was still, it was pretty damned cool knowing I was at least hearing a station on the South Pole.

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