Nice propagation tonight; crazy QSL cards

I heard a lot of great stations tonight and worked a few on sideband as well:

  • 9A201CTL out of Croatia had a big signal on 20 meters early this evening
  • TI2CC out of Costa Rica was easily worked on 40 meters
  • WA3T, Bill, from Pennsylvania, and I had a really nice QSO (although I had to break it off a bit early because I was running late for my normal club net on 2 meters — Sorry Bill!)

I went into the shack around 11 p.m. to try and “catch some Russian DX” on 20 meters and I found a “European Russia” station, RA6YDX, almost immediately. Never managed to log a QSO though (which is a shame because I think he’s on LoTW).

A bit further down the dial I stumbled upon a gentleman from Finland, OH9RJ, with a nice clear signal. Again, I couldn’t seem to get acknowledged in the pile.

I thought I’d have better luck with 9K2UU, a station in Kuwait. He was moving quickly through QSOs and I thought I’d have a shot since he was aiming a massive beam at North America and coming in a genuine 59+. I was excited to grab my first middle eastern QSO, and I called out my sign until I was nearly hoarse. No luck. Huge pile-up with big guns…

In other news, I’ve sent off my materials to the ARRL and I hope to be an accredited VE within the next few weeks. Our club is doing a VE session this weekend, and I suppose if I’d been quicker, I could have had my paperwork done and participated in the testing. At any rate, I’ll be hanging with the club a bit on Saturday anyway since we are providing comm for another cycling event.

QSLeazy Cards

And now for a segment I’m calling “QSLeazy Cards!”

When I’m working stations, I typically have their profile up in before I even attempt contact. Occasionally, stations will post their QSL cards in their QRZ biography. Every now and then, a “racy” QSL card will surface, and I MUST work the station.

Here are two I’ve collected:

I worked Z36T out of Macedonia Tuesday night, and discovered this gem:

And a few weeks back, during the CQ WPX contest, I worked a French station, TM6M. This one is subtle, featuring antennas and er… other things:

Again, these are on the QRZ pages of the named stations and all credit belongs to those stations.

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