Couple quick contacts tonight; plus, working a 2m net on foot

Got home tonight in a foul mood, as personal matters of the last few weeks have really played hell on my evening radio activities. It was nearly a quarter to eight by the time I pulled into the driveway, and I was determined to go on a long walk to clear my mind.

The local Wednesday evening 2 meter net always starts at 8:30 and I didn’t want to miss it, so I put my VX-7R on my belt and headed off to walk the neighborhood. When 8:30 rolled around the net began and I immediately checked in “pedestrian mobile” and requested short time — I wanted to go ahead and get checked in while I was at the top of a nice big hill so my 5 watts would hit the repeater. In fact, I was holding the rig above my head and yapping into my speaker mic. I was heard and noted and I managed to enjoy the remainder of the net as I completed the 4.6 mile walk.

I jumped on HF briefly and one-shotted two phone contacts: 3G87IARU, a special event station out of Chile on 20 meters, and farther down the dial, TO3X, a DXpedition station operating from St. Barts. Then I popped over to 14.076 for some JT65 action, logging a QSO with N7JCO out of Utah. I haven’t glanced at the log, but I believe St. Barts is a new island for me, and I don’t believe I’ve worked Utah before.

A good ending to a lousy day!

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