Recent contacts of note: New European DX, Siberia

I didn’t get as much radio time in over the weekend as hoped. Saturday afternoon resulted in some nice QSOs, but my wife and I headed out on the town for the evening. Sunday there was nothing special going on, but I spent far too much of the day goofing around on Skyrim, a game I really enjoy on the Xbox, but had neglected since I put my station on the air.

That said, I still scored some decent DX over the weekend:

  • UA9MA: Sunday night, on 20 meters, my first Siberian contact. I was literally fist-pumping and clapping when he came back to me with a 55 signal report. I could barely hear him and the flutter was quite bad, but we had a complete QSO.
  • OP2A: A great Belgium station. I was trolling around on 12 meters looking for action Saturday afternoon and heard him calling CQ. There were apparently no immediate takers, so I threw out my callsign and we had a great contact.
  • HB0/DL2SBY: Liechtenstein, 20 meters on Saturday. Another nice one!
  • IW9GMF: Sicily Island, 20 meters on Saturday. Italian operators are the best! They always seem to be having so much fun.
  • PA0LEG: The Netherlands, 40 meters on Friday evening.

That’s four new countries in my log. Good DX for me!

Anyway, there is still much to do around the shack. My Arrow J-pole has never been given a real installation, although to be honest, I don’t really care for 2 meters these days. I can hit all the major repeaters in our area with the J-pole standing in the corner of the room. Why mess with something that works?

I also have a copper bus bar I ordered a few weeks ago with the intention of bolting it to the back of my workbench for proper grounding. I had also planning on getting a PowerPole setup going, and ordering a SignaLink.

Then there is the matter of my portable HF kit. I’m waiting on some cash from a freelance gig to arrive, and from there, I’m looking into a Buddipole system. Of course, the KX3 was ordered several weeks ago, and there is no telling when it will ship, so I’m trying to keep that out of my mind for a few more weeks.

So yes, there is plenty to keep me busy in the shack beyond DXing!

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