Back on the air with some beers

With the wife out of town for the weekend I’m batchen’ it like Andy Griffith — so what better time to get in the shack with a couple bottles of brew and drive the dogs bonkers with the atonal sounds of JT65 and sideband phone.

I added a new country to my log tonight with a great contact with Emil, E71A, out of Sarajevo, Bosnia, on 40 meters, and quickly followed that with a quick QSO with W1J, operating out of Connecticut, a Special Event station commemorating the 20th anniversary of the CT/RI Contest Group, also on 40.

I was sweeping the dial up 40 a bit when I heard a New Jersey station, KC2VLC, calling CQ with a booming signal. We exchanged signal reports and chatted a bit about our radio setups. Apparently I was coming in loud there also, as I received a 58-59 signal report.

I went up to 20 meters for some JT65 action and made two nice contacts, RV6FT out of European Russia, and KG6WIK out of the San Luis Obispo area of California.

Last Friday I had a nice contact with another Russian station on 20 meters phone, RA6ABO. It never gets old contacting these Russian stations. I’m fascinated by that country, and Eastern Europe as well.

I’ll be volunteering again this weekend with my club, the Columbia Amateur Radio Club, as we support the Tour de Midlands cycling event. I’m working as a sweeper on the 30-mile ride, so it should be interesting!


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