JT65 is like fishing

I’ve changed my strategy on JT65 a bit. Now I ONLY call CQ, rather than try to “search and pounce” on other stations. And the strategy has paid off, as I scored four QSOs tonight on four CQ attempts.

I couldn’t believe my luck: One right after another, I exchanged reports with KD8BIN, out of Ohio, KI0J, out of Colorado, WR7K, Washington State, and I had a second QSO with ND2K out of New Jersey.

I had similar luck last night also, and even added a new DX entity to my log, YL3BF, out of Latvia. I’d tried to work him before last week and only managed a partial QSO, so it was exciting to finally manage a complete contact.

I missed out on HF work over the long weekend as my wife and I took a trip to Florida — Disney World in fact. I’d done a little research on ham radio at WDW, but I only took my VX-7, intending to work a few of the repeaters in the Orlando/Disney area. From our car, using a mag-mount antenna, I brought up WD4WDW, a repeater that’s part of the Disney E.A.R.S. program, but didn’t manage a contact. Later in our room, I wasn’t able to bring up the repeater with the stock duck antenna.

The Buddistick also arrived, along with the shock-cord mast and guying kit. I haven’t even attempted to set it up yet, but depending on the weather and how I feel (yes, I returned from Florida with a cold and a scratchy throat, so digital modes are all I feel like working at the moment), I may run it up to Little Mountain this weekend with the 817 and see what I can stir up.

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