Weekend destination: Little Mountain

Little Mountain, S.C., the highest point in the Midlands.

If the weather is nice and whatever sort of Cocoa Beach Influenza I picked up in Florida doesn’t have me laid up on Saturday, I plan to make the drive up to Little Mountain, S.C. and attempt to work SSB on the FT-817. Think of it as a SOTA-lite expedition, as Little Mountain isn’t actually in the SOTA database, so there’s no real opportunity to “activate” it.

At worst, I’ll get valuable field experience with my equipment. I haven’t even tried to set up and tune the Buddistick yet. Yikes!

Little Mountain is actually a small town in the South Carolina midlands, but it gets its name from the monadnock hill, Little Mountain, which is in fact the highest point in our state’s midland region at an elevation of 813 feet above sea level. There’s also a rather large radio tower atop the mountain, which houses at least one amateur repeater that our club uses when providing communication for cycling events in that area. On a good night, I can easily copy that repeater from my home QTH some 40 miles away.

A buddy of mine (who I’ve been trying to recruit into ham radio) is making the journey with me, so it would be great if we could actually log some successful QSOs. I hope the added 800 feet will help my little 5 watt phone signal get out farther.

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