A beautiful QSL card from Ohio

I had a nice JT65 QSO last week with John, KD8BIN, and this week I received his beautifully-designed QSL card:

It looks like John is really into AMSAT — Even his postage was custom-made and included a graphic of a satellite and the names of some of the birds he’s worked. His QRZ page shows his LEO sat rig, which looks like a lot of fun.

All this talk of satellites reminds me of why I got into this hobby to begin with. I really wanted to work the ISS and some of the FM satellites. I planned to buy that Arrow LEO antenna (never did, I had it in my hands at the Charlotte Hamfest this winter, but just didn’t pull the trigger on the purchase). My 847 is a fine rig for working satellites.

Ultimately, I lost the urge for it because I got an HF rig and started yapping with folks. And no one answers on the ISS as of late.

I do miss ARISSat-1. I decoded some SSTV from it using my iPhone and my VX-7 handheld. I heard the secret words and reported the telemetry back to the project leaders a few times. Then it de-orbited a few weeks later, I upgraded my license, started working on HF, and never looked back. Perhaps it’s time to give it another shot.

And it’s also time for me to get off the dime and get some QSL cards made. I also need to finish the shack, install the J-pole, get a power distribution system, etc. It never ends!

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