Computer control on the FT-817

I’d been holding off on purchasing the Yaesu CT-62 CAT interface cable for the FT-817 because $36.95 (From Ham Radio Outlet) seemed a bit excessive. And that’s one of the better prices I’ve seen for it.

Bottom line is, the cable is simply a DB-9 to 8-pin DIN serial cable. No need to overpay for it.

A Google search revealed this $11.97 alternative on eBay.

I ordered it on 6/14 and had it in my mailbox on 6/16. Two days! I connected it between my Z-817 autotuner and my serial-to-USB converter, the TRENDnet TU-S9, and I’m happy to report that it worked just fine. I fired up Ham Radio Deluxe, created a new radio definition and had full control of the 817 within seconds.

With many of the 817’s controls buried in menus, HRD really makes it easy to make quick adjustments to controls such as mic gain, setting up for split, etc.

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