Hitting the ground running

Ahhhh, a well-sorted ground bus bar is very sexy!

Well, I’ve accomplished part of one of my objectives in the to-do list I described in my previous post.

I now have a ground system. I spent a portion of the weekend in my local home-improvement store shopping for wire, crimp-on terminal lugs, nuts and bolts and wood screws. I’m happy to report all my equipment is grounded to a copper bus bar, which in turn is mounted on the back of my operating position.

I still need to run some wire  to the main ground rod, which is just outside my shack window.

The bus bar is made by Storm Copper and they make a special kit for hams. To be honest I’m not certain I have my ground wires connected the best way to the bar, but unless someone tells me otherwise, I’ll assume it will work OK.

In other news, I did finally manage to work two of the 13 Colonies stations, K2E and K2F, Delaware and Maryland, respectively. I worked them both on 40 meters. Their counterpart stations on 20 meters were impossible t work from here. I couldn’t even hear the South Carolina station (skip zone) and New York was a constant pile-up. I only got lucky on Maryland because the operator QSYed and I latched onto his new frequency before anyone else.

I was tuning around on 20M just now and heard FP/KV1J operating out of Saint Pierre & Miquelon. He was managing a huge pile-up earlier in the night and there were still some alligators out there but I threw my call out and he came back to me on the first shot with a 59 report. Nice to grab another DXCC entity, my 69th in fact.

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