All the rigs are running

Well I managed to cross off another item in my ham shack to-do list. I finally bit the bullet and purchased a Rigrunner so I could operate both my FT-847 and FT-817 simultaneously from the same power supply. I realize I am a little late to the Anderson Powerpole party, but better late than never right?

My very good ham friend/elmer, motorcycle riding partner, Call of Duty 4 master and all-around good guy, Ronnie, W4RWL, was kind enough to loan me his Powerpole crimping tool. It’s quite an expensive tool, and the primary reason I hadn’t jumped on the bandwagon earlier.

At any rate, the Astron power supply is hooked in to a Rigrunner 4005H (the horizontal version), along with both rigs and my wattmeter (so I can turn on the meter’s backlight if needed). I went ahead and made a “Field Day” cable several feet long so I could power either of my rigs from an alternate power source if needed. I chose the horizontal version because I felt like it would be a sleeker profile once mounted on the rear of my operating desk. It’s a nice small, lightweight piece of kit and may come in handy in some other applications down the road.

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