Ham radio in space!

It seems like the Mars Curiosity landing has generated some excitement in the ham community. I wrote a little about it the other day myself.

Over at Spinning & Grinning, AD7MI wrote an amazing blog post about the Elser-Mathes Cup — apparently an award created to celebrate the first amateur QSO between Earth and Mars.

He writes:

… The establishment of the Elser-Mathes Cup in 1929 was directly inspired by the leaps and bounds up to that point in radio technology combined with Hiram Percey Maxim’s fascination with the planet Mars. The cup is to be awarded in recognition of the first amateur radio two-way communication between Earth and Mars.

Of course, we haven’t achieved this goal yet. He goes on to list notable accomplishments by hams related to space, such as eavesdropping on Apollo 11, listening to Sputnik, Earth-Moon-Earth bounce, Earth-Venus(!)-Earth bounce, and the longest DX ever, the amateur reception of Voyager 1 in 2006 (Which I also mentioned in a previous post).

There is so much detail in AD7MI’s post, along with related links. If it doesn’t get space geeks excited about ham radio, nothing will!

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