The Zombie Squad

How many radios are needed for the zombie apocalypse? Lots apparently.

I haven’t had much time for radio lately, as I’ve been out of town at Dragon*Con 2012 in Atlanta. It’s hard to recover when you spend 4 days straight running from hotel to hotel trying to catch panel discussions on nerdly topics. I spent much of my time shooting a photo project of sorts. My gallery, Dragon*Con Street Portraits, is over at my photography site.

Nice! An Arrow J-pole!

Anyway, I ran into this gentleman during a panel discussion called “Up and Down the Dial.” The discussion was presented by the Atlanta Radio Club, and largely focused on scanning. N4BFR led the panel and I enjoyed his audio/slideshow. I learned a bit and hung out with some hams. Not a bad way to spend my first night at the con. I regret I wasn’t able to make the next night’s “radio scavenger hunt” and I was a few minutes late rushing back to the Hilton to make the “Post-Apocalyptic Communications” panel a few days later and got shut out as the room was full. Dang!

All wasn’t lost, as I enjoyed panels with Richard “Lord British” Garriott on video gaming, two skeptics panels featuring Brian Brushwood, the entire cast of The Guild, a Star Trek panel featuring Jonathan Frakes, Michael Dorn, and LeVar Burton, and a fairly mediocre discussion on the work of David Lynch down in the Horror/Dark Fantasy track.

For those interested, the guy in the photograph is a member of the ATL Zombie Squad, and he was sporting an Arrow J-pole, along with a bunch of other rigs. He was powering a small amplifier out of a backpack and told me he was getting 25 watts out of the setup. Although I had my VX-7 in my pack, I felt a little under-geared next to this guy!

In other news, I’m excited that I can now easily hit our club repeater with a handheld from my neighborhood. Our repeater was re-located to the massive public television tower that is only about two miles as the crow flies from my QTH. It towers over everything in this area, and the resulting signal from the new 65-watt machine is BOOMING in our part of the county.

I’m looking forward to next weekend for the SC QSO Party!

3 thoughts on “The Zombie Squad

    • I’m pretty sure I was sitting right beside you! You were in the Star Trek robe right? My brother-in-law and I were on the same row. That was a fun panel. Missed the scavenger hunt though!

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