Neat, lightweight QRP dipole

The KE4PT OCEF Dipole

Fresh off the FT-817 Yahoo group, this is a great-looking end-fed, off-center dipole. I think even *I* can build this one. Thanks to KE4PT for making this design available as a PDF.

Adding something like this to my HF backpack kit will go a long way towards lightening the load on some of these mountain hikes that I enjoy.

5 thoughts on “Neat, lightweight QRP dipole

  1. Have you made this yet? I just got a 200′ roll of Teflon coated 22ga stranded silver wire. How about you pick up a 4-pack of ferrite chokes and we’ll throw a couple together after the next Club Meeting or some Saturday.

  2. Whipped up one last night. I’m sure it needs some tweaking, but I was able to squeak in a QSO with W1AW/7 Oregon portable on 20-meters running it as an inverted-V last night. Couldn’t get anyone else to pull me in, but there were a lot of heavy pile-ups that I couldn’t compete with running QRP.

    I had some questions about the constuction and with a little digging found another article from the QRP Quarterly from the author going into a little more detail about the constuction of the antenna and possible variations: .

    It was pretty simple to whip together. Just needed a few ferrite chokes. Cables & Connections didn’t have them, but I was able to pick them up at Radioshack (#273-105 – $6/ea).

    It’s very light. I was able to wrap it around the padding and shoulder strap of the little camera bag I keep my FT-817 QRP/Go-kit in.

  3. I tuned up pretty good on 20m, but my Z-817 says 40m had an SWR of 1.5-3, so I may need to tweak it a little.

    According to and, 30 feet may not be the best length; 35.5 may be a better match.

    I think I’m going to alligator-clip on a bit more wire and play with sliding the chokes around and see if I can get it to perform better on 40m-10m + WARC.

    • Hey Noah, thanks for those updates. You may want to get or borrow an antenna tuner from one of the club members and hook it up and see how the SWR looks across the various bands. I look forward to making one of these myself, 1.5 SWR isn’t bad at all, as long as it falls in the portion of the band you are trying to use obviously!

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