New antenna project?

I missed out on all the 6-meter action this summer because my dipole is pretty deaf on that band. I managed to check into a 6-meter net hosted from Lexington one evening, but even that was barely copyable. Consequently, that’s the only time I’ve heard anything on the Magic Band.

I considered buying a cheap 6M yagi and mounting it on a push-up pole attached to the rear deck of the house. After exploring other options, I think I’ll try building a Moxon.  From what I can gather, it’s a simple directional antenna, with a driven element and reflector, and can be made of lightweight wire. I figure I could mount this on a lightweight pole and rotate it by hand as needed.

With any antenna, it’s all about measurements. Here’s the Moxon for 6 meters, centered on the SSB calling frequency of 50.125. The design software is available here.

Screen Shot 2013-02-18 at 4.08.55 PM

I may use another DX Engineering wire antenna kit for this. A few weeks back I used one of these kits to build my Field Day antenna. The kit was missing some hardware. I just bought what I needed from a local home improvement store.

Last week the folks at DX Engineering e-mailed me for feedback on their product. I gave it a glowing review, but mentioned some hardware was missing. To my surprise, they sent me another one. Good folks up there at DX Engineering!

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