The large ears of the law

Saw this in the ARRL newsletter this week and found it interesting that someone was actually “raided” and fined $10,000 for illegal transmissions. Of course, the write-up doesn’t really elaborate on the details of what exactly the guy was allegedly doing (wouldn’t surprise me if he was engaging in the stereotypical ham chatter: The weather, rigs, antennas). He was a lapsed ham, who never advanced beyond Technician class, so he was definitely out of order being on 20 meters.

From the report:

In December 2012, the FCCs office in Kansas City received a complaint from an Amateur Radio operator, reporting interference on 14.312 MHz. Upon investigation, agents from that office heard a male voice transmitting on the frequency 14.312 MHz. Using direction finding equipment, the agents located the source of the radio frequency transmissions to a transmitting antenna mounted on a pole next to [the suspect’s] residence.

The feds nailed this guy on 14.312, but what about the almost continuous verbal mosh pit just a nudge over on 14.313? I wonder if there’s any enforcement of that?

Oh well, at least we can just spin the dial and move on.

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