My call sign, Morse Code and numerology

The “weight” of a call sign in Morse Code is often a determining factor in selecting a vanity callsign. Generally shorter = better.

I’ve grown to like my call sign for several reasons. One, it’s my original call — I’m the first and only person to have it. Two, it’s long, but the repetition of characters gives it nice alliteration, so it’s fun to say. Three, it’s easy to send in Morse Code, and several hams have remarked that it has a nice rhythm.

All those characters do add up to a hefty weight though. I ran an analysis on my call at the FISTS CW Club weight checker, and discovered a slightly superstitious, but still cool, numerology connection. My call has 13 dits and 7 dahs. An unlucky number and a lucky number.



Both are prime numbers too. Digging deeper, 7 is a “magic number” while 13 is a “karmic number.”

Don’t tell anyone, but I’m an Illuminati ham! (Apparently only when operating CW…)

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