Building the Breadboard Radio “Splinter” – Part IV, The End

The Splinter, finished in "TARDIS Blue" and ready to start making contacts.

The Splinter, finished in “TARDIS Blue” and ready to start making contacts.

Sadly, I’ve reached the end of the Splinter project. As of last week, I had finished the circuit board and aligned the receiver and transmitter to the best of my abilities. The only work left was painting, mounting and application of decals.

As luck would have it, painting the unit turned out to be the hardest part, at least for me. I have very hit or miss luck with spray paint, and this time was no different. I sanded the baseboard with two levels of fine grit paper and applied glossy blue spray paint. I over-applied a bit, particularly on the top, so once that coat dried, I sanded the rough spots out and applied another thin coat.

That’s when the issues began. The new coats of spray were reacting with the old coats, but ONLY on the top of the board. The only way I can describe the effect is it resembled dried, cracked earth. More sandpaper, more spraying, more cracking. Dammit!

I eventually stepped back to a very rough grit sandpaper and stripped the paint off, reverting to the bare wood on the top. That received two thin coats and dried overnight. Everything was fine this morning and this evening I finished the build by mounting the radio onto the board.

Decal application is one of those arcane arts I picked  up from my stepdad when I was a little kid building Star Trek ships and model rockets. I remember watching him cut out decals, soak them in warm water and slide them off with precision. I didn’t have any issues with the ones in this kit, although I could have trimmed them closer. Oh well.

Here are front and back views:



I definitely look forward to building the companion kits to this one, including the “Toothpick” CW filter, and the “Sawdust” receiver.

One thought on “Building the Breadboard Radio “Splinter” – Part IV, The End

  1. VERY nicely done group of stories about this interesting transceiver. I will probably order one soon. I am abit disappointed that your didn’t have a Part IV providing details of your first and subsequent QSOs. You DID make QSOs……didn’t you?

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