Couple quick things…

When I started this blog more than a year ago, I had no idea if I’d keep writing. Every other blog I’ve attempted in the past has sort of degenerated into silence after a few weeks/months, so I wasn’t sure if it was even worth purchasing a real domain name to tie in with my free blog. But it looks like I’m still knee deep in the amateur radio hobby and postings, while not frequent, keep coming.

So today I finally made the leap to a unique domain name. I’m proud to report the blog can now be accessed at

I’ve also ordered the ARRL’s new code book, Morse Code Operating for Amateur Radio. I don’t know how useful some of these books are, considering there is so much information available on the Internet these days, but hopefully the book offers a nice modern overview of operating CW. I may post a “review” here after I read it.

And speaking of CW, I’ve been listening to the ARRL slow code practice fairly consistently for the last few weeks and I think my 5 WPM copy is getting somewhat accurate. I had a good run going last night until the dogs went on a barking frenzy and distracted me. I switched to headphones as quickly as possible and tried to recover.

I really need to work on getting my speed up. I suspect when/if I ever start operating I’ll see improvement. But right now, I’m terrified to even call CQ.

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