Lowcountry Fox Hunt

I’m not that interested in fox hunting, but I have to admit, this sounds kind of fun, and it would give me a reason to pull out the Arrow 2m/440 yagi antenna for once:

The Trident Amateur Radio Club will hold its next Fox Hunt on Saturday May 11th 2013. It will begin at 1:00 PM and the starting place will be the former JK Harris parking lot, 208 Saint James Ave (Hwy 176) next to the Publix in Goose Creek.

There will be no charge to enter, everyone is welcome. A trophy will be given to the individual or team who arrives with the lowest odometer mileage from the starting point.

The Fox will transmit on 146.580 MHz.

Unfortunately, I’m either going to be doing public service with the club on Saturday, or working on a new personal photo project. I realize spring is traditionally a very busy time, but this season has been ridiculous, as I’ve been working most weekends, and missing out on a lot of the activities I’d normally enjoy. My activity on-air has been nonexistent and my low QSO count in recent weeks (months?) is proof of it.

It’s also wedding season, so my little photography side business has been adding additional workload. When I’m not shooting, I’m probably editing images and burning DVDs. There won’t be any slowdown either, as I have a gig later this month and one in early June. Then there’s the business of this personal photography project, which I am trying to devote at least a few hours to per week, although I have no clear goal yet; I just want to tell a story.

Excuses… excuses…

After June I intend to stop taking wedding/engagement/family photography jobs and only focus on the personal work and ham radio. Well … I say that now, but it’s hard to turn down the wedding jobs knowing that extra cash could be used for a new ham shack toy.

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