Hanging out with my buddy Joe


Great night on 20 meters for some JT65 action.

Indeed, I began my evening with a QSO with the guy who invented the mode, Mr. Joe Taylor himself, K1JT. You can see from the screengrab above, on his next over he sent “20W DPL 73 GL” — I believe his signal was one of the strongest I worked last night, at -3db.

The meeting, although brief was awe-inspiring, because I use JT65 so much. I imagine it would kind of be like getting a text on an iPhone from Apple’s Jony Ive.

I should have Washington state well-covered on LOTW after tonight. Made JT contacts with W7VP, K7PWL and KD7H. I also snagged another contact in the state of Maine — W2ZEN (great call BTW!) — and hopefully he’ll connect with me on LOTW.

I turned the radio back on around 11 p.m. and tried to answer some JT65 QSOs on 20 meters, but no one would come back to me. A few moments later, whoever was CQing on that portion of the waterfall dropped out, leaving me with a nice open gap to start calling CQ in.

I had a nice run going with mostly Russian and eastern European stations calling. I logged four in a row, along with two of the Washington stations. Signal reports weren’t bad either, with the worst report coming from a Russian station, placing me at -21. Still, we completed the QSO.

Checking in on PSK Reporter, I noticed my signal was getting out to New Zealand, Hawaii and Alaska. Stations from those areas appeared briefly, but disappeared as fast. As midnight approached, the band started dying.

Overall, not a bad night with nine stations logged.

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