Hawaii in the log

A screenshot of my signal as it appeared in Hawaii. Courtesy of KH6SAT.

A screenshot of my signal as it appeared in Hawaii. Courtesy of KH6SAT.

I worked a variety of modes this weekend, none of which involved a microphone. More importantly, I’m only one state away from having worked all 50.

I went down the rabbit hole of the “K3UK Sked Page” this weekend. I can’t believe it took me this long to discover this resource. I guess I’ve been living under a rock or something. I heard of it a while back but never actually looked at it until the other day.

Right off the bat I was able to grab a JT65 QSO with KF2T out of Nevada, a frequent user of the Sked. That left me with AK and HI to track down. In the meantime, I fielded some CW requests, but because of varying band conditions I was only successful with one of them, 4A1TD a station out of Mexico.

I was lurking on the sked Sunday evening and updated my status to indicate I was looking for AK and HI. KH6SAT, a Hawaiian station I’ve seen on JT65 before, sent me a private message and asked me what mode I wanted to contact him on. We agreed on 20 meter JT65 and he selected an unused portion of the band. He was -18 and my report was -24, so I was barely making it, even cranking up the power to 30 watts or so.

KH6SAT’s final transmission was a friendly “Aloha” and then he was in the log. Immediate confirmation on LOTW followed, so now Alaska is truly going to be the last frontier for my Worked All States endeavor.

Looking towards Field Day this weekend, I’ve been flexing my rig a bit on RTTY. Friday night I worked Guatemala, Slovenia and Russia on 20 meters. N1MM is ready to go on all modes!

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