A couple new countries

I worked PSK31 again this evening and managed to contact some new DXCC entities on 20 meters:

  • EW8CM, Belarus
  • YO9FTN, Romania
  • OK1EP, Czech Republic
  • E74DO, Bosnia-Herzegovina (Not a new one for me, but not a country I see very often either)

I also snagged another Oregon QSO, Bob, K7QXG. We had a decent chat and hopefully we can confirm on Logbook of the World.

14.070 was full of signals tonight and some were very strong and over-driven, causing issues while I was trying to copy some of these weaker stations. I’ve had decent luck with a little FT-847 trick that lets me place my 400 hz CW filter in-line to cut the adjacent noise:

  1. Tune to where the desired signal is; press A>B to copy the frequency to VFO B
  2. Switch VFO A from USB  to CW mode and engage the DSP CW filter
  3. Press the SPLIT key, allowing me to listen to the band through the CW filter and transmit on the upper sideband.

It’s a bit of a dance and if I re-tune I have to repeat the process, but it only takes seconds and the results are worth it. For more detail, check out this tutorial.

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