Still waiting on the magic to happen

I feel like I’m doing something wrong, because 6 meters isn’t proving to be very magical.

I was home all day today for the July 4th holiday and watched multiple, large band openings happen from 8 a.m. this morning until 11 p.m. tonight. Spinning the antenna in the direction of where the action was happening, I’ve only managed to make a grand total of one QSO, a digital mode contact to New Brunswick, Canada. I also spoke with a local guy on sideband, most likely from ground-wave propagation, as he was probably only 20 or so miles to the west.

I did have good luck Wednesday evening. I soldered up a few PL connectors and ran a length of coax back to my radio room and into the FT-847, I was greeted with booming signals: digital, voice and CW. I worked two CW stations back to back, then switched up to 50.276 and worked a few stations with JT65. Some of those JT signals were the loudest I’ve ever heard on that mode. Then the band started drying up and the fun ended.

The band seemed to open back up later that evening, but I never copied anything else.

2 thoughts on “Still waiting on the magic to happen

  1. Not much magic here either. From FM18, I copied your QSO with VE9NC (his sigs, at least, around -20). Tried answering his CQs a bit later to no avail, but also worked W4KK and W4KRN on ground wave. Ten watts to an indoor dipole.

    Will watch for you on the waterfall, but for now will probably get started on 15M this morning.

    73, Ivan

  2. Ivan, I appreciate your comment and for tracking me down, hehe. I’m glad it wasn’t just me having issues yesterday. I seriously thought maybe I had a bad run of coax or something, because I’d been behind the radio changing some cables around. For all the QSOs spotted at, I was really getting frustrated when I would turn the beam and hear nothing.

    It’s a different tale today, as I’m hearing lots of action from CW to SSB. Hope to see you farther down the log!

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