A couple interesting ones tonight

Another random evening. Nothing too far out there, but interesting all the same:

  • YV5DSL, Venezuela on 20m RTTY
  • HC2AO, Ecuador on 20m PSK63 (I think this is a new one for me)
  • N0MNO, Minnesota, but it was a ragchew and it was fun trying to type fast enough to keep up with PSK63
  • SV5AZK, Dodecanese, 20m PSK31, a new one for me
  • YT1AA, a big signal out of Serbia on 40m CW. I know he copied my call properly and gave me 5NN. I returned a report and he acknowledged, but there was QSB and he was too fast for me so I wasn’t sure what he said next. I panicked a bit on the paddles and let the QSO die. I hate when I do that… instant lid shame.

Still haven’t worked any phone with the new rig. My lash-up on the Icom mic apparently wasn’t good enough, because it was acting erratic today. It sort of worked when I plugged it in half-way, but I wasn’t able to break a pile-up to get a report. I may work on it again and see if I can figure out what’s come loose inside there.

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