A random evening of radio

I was all over the place Tuesday night. I nearly missed the Sandlapper 6m SSB net, but it didn’t really matter because I don’t have a mic yet on the K3, so all I could do was listen. Six meters sounded pretty good… I was thinking about hooking up the 847 again so I could use the mic, then I remembered the FT-817 and just used that on battery power with the hand mic. On five watts I got a 57 to 59 signal report from the netcontrol op about 35 miles away. Not too bad.

I’d been trying to use the K3 unsuccessfully on RTTY the last few nights using the MTTY program, but tonight I figured out my problem. Actually, I just followed a really nice tutorial. Long story short, one needs to setup some mark and shift values in MTTY. Once I did that, everything seemed to work fine, and I confirmed it with a QSO with EU7A out of Belarus on 20 meters.

Then it was over to the Sked Page, because someone alerted me via e-mail that a station from Iraq was on there serving up QSOs. I located YI1RZ, Razi out of Baghdad, on the upper end of the 20 meter JT65 frequency and copied him at -13dB. That’s not a bad signal! It helped I was able to cut out some splattering gators nearby using the K3’s roofing filters. When he called CQ again I pounced and we completed the contact, along with exchanging some idle chatter on the Sked Page for good measure. My report was a barely copyable -20, but it was enough to get in his log and we took the QSO to completion and exchanged 73 on-air.

Also on the Sked Page, a gentlemen hit me up for a CW contact on 12 and 10 meters. I tried to oblige, even though I knew the bands were dead. He claimed he heard me calling on 12m, but I hadn’t even touched the key because I was waiting for his call. I’m not sure what he was hearing because there was nothing alive on the bands at my location.

I decided I really needed a mic on the K3, so I pulled out the old Icom mic that came with my Yaesu 847 — it had never worked very well on the FM repeaters and I’d replaced it with an MD-100 in short order. Yes, the Icom mic had been re-wired for Yaesu, and now I was about to rewire it for Kenwood… I studied a few pinouts I located via Google, took the connector apart, desoldered everything and reconnected the leads according to the Kenwood standard.

Yep, it worked. I wasn’t able to get a QSO in for an audio report, but it sounded OK in the monitor. This will be a nice temporary solution for now.

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