Finally, a QSL card to be proud of

It’s taken me nearly two years, but I finally have a QSL card design that I am proud of!

Some months ago I discovered the ham radio-based art of Jeff, K1NSS, at his website, Recently, he mentioned he was looking to take on some QSL card design jobs at a very reasonable rate. I mentally filed that away and didn’t think much about it. Earlier this week I was browsing his site and got a kick out of some of his latest designs. I decided to shoot him an e-mail with a couple concepts I was thinking of.

I knew I wanted to incorporate our dogs somehow, but I’ve also been considering some sort of flying pig/pigs in space theme in the style of classic sci-fi. I was prepared to have him create two different designs if needed. To my surprise, Jeff wrote me back immediately and pitched a design that involved a pig flying a starship with my dogs as space cadets riding along. I thought it sounded great, so I sent him a half dozen photos of our pets.

The next day he had a preliminary design for me that was largely complete. Some of the elements still needed coloring and he wanted to know about the types of radios I used. He also mentioned he wanted to include a Cosmophone vintage radio in the design somewhere. I thought the rough design looked fantastic and I had no changes to suggest; I just let the artist do his thing!

Today the final design came though and man, it’s amazing! I really appreciate how he captured the subtle expressions of our two dogs, Sweet Pea and Manny. They really do look just like that. Also, notice my K3 hanging out back there? Above that is the Knight Kit “Star Roamer” receiver from Allied Radio, and below, the fabled “SSB transceiver of legend and song” the Cosmophone 35. Those touches came directly from Jeff. Even the quirky bowling alley-style font he selected works for the vintage sci-fi theme.

To top it off, Jeff’s rates are more than reasonable. I can honestly say this is one of the best purchases I have made related to ham radio.

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