Happy happy joy joy!

It must be 1990s flashback hour on 20 meter slow scan TV tonight. I caught half of a Beavis & Butt-head image, then this gem showed up:

2013-08-10 012902 {20m} {None}

I can’t say I’ve done any SSTV (although I did decode some ARISSat-1 images from audio recorded on my handheld way back when I was a new technician), but the esoteric nature of it certainly fascinates me. I finally decided to tune over to 14.230mhz this evening and fire up the SSTV module in Digital Master. It’s kind of like watching a GIF download via mid-90s dial up Internet, but it’s strangely enjoyable. The above image was by far the clearest one I saw this evening.


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