Hawaii in the log… maybe?

After grabbing a few stations from the Kansas QSO Party, I decided to turn my attention to Hawaii and try my best to get voice and code contacts during the Hawaii QSO Party.

badblnk1There were a few HI stations active in the evening that I could barely hear on 20 meters. I chose the loudest of the bunch, KH6J, the Koolau Amateur Radio Club, and decided I would ride out the pile-up. It didn’t take long before the operator somehow managed to hear me. It took about three repeats of my callsign, but he eventually pulled it out of the mud and (hopefully) got me in the log. Attempts to contact any of the other HI stations proved impossible Saturday night and I didn’t hear any stations working code.

Sunday afternoon I had a few moments to play around on the bands and tuned up on 15 meters in search of the elusive Hawaii CW QSO. The only signal I noticed on the scope happened to be KH6LC, another Hawaiian contest station, based in Honolulu. He was really loud, with only minor QSB and calling CQ with no takers.

I tossed my call out using the Winkeyer and I think he repeated all the characters back to me — it was hard to tell because a wave of noise struck at the very tail end. I sent my exchange and thought I was done. I nearly tuned away, but I heard several “?” marks. I sent the exchange again, and heard the familiar “TU” to signify the end of contact. So I hope I’m in his log.

k9fdAround 8:30, I heard another Hawaiian on 20 meter CW, K9FD/KH6, although he was coming in very weak. His loudness ticked up a bit, so I called him using my paddles and to my surprise he came back with a perfect copy of my call. Then like an idiot, I muffed up the exchange a bit on the paddles, sent a string of dots to indicate the error and repeated my state several times. I figured it wouldn’t hurt to send him a “de KK4DSD” at the end to confirm my call, but I managed to glitch the final D, sending an N instead. I got flustered and before I could correct the error, the op was ending TU. Sigh…

So if I show up in either of those logs, I’d be very surprised.

In other news, looking down the list on my Worked All States Triple Play status, I realized I hadn’t confirmed a voice contact with anyone in Alabama yet. I happened to be on the K3UK Sked Page and spotted Eddie, N4EMP, from Alabama and asked him if we could try a QSO on 40 meters.

He chose a frequency, but neither of us could hear the other. We didn’t expect 20 meters to work, and indeed it didn’t. Eddie suggested 80 meters and sure enough, he was booming in at 59+10. He gave me a 59 and we completed the QSO, which Eddie confirmed minutes later on LOTW for me. I was ready to give up after the first failed contact, so I have to give credit to Eddie for hanging in there and helping me get Alabama in the log on phone. Thanks Eddie!

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