Halfway to DXCC; first QSL cards mailed

I received a Logbook of the World confirmation last night from Suriname, which marks my 50th DXCC country confirmed. I have more than 80 unconfirmed in my log. I thought I would be farther along in the DXCC effort by this point, but I took a detour from DXing to pursue Worked All States, and now the WAS Triple Play, and I’ve actually enjoyed that effort quite a bit.

I’m a little disappointed my Hawaiian contacts from last weekend have not been confirmed yet, and my sole CW contact from the Kansas QSO Party apparently doesn’t use LOTW. I don’t understand how an American amateur station that operates as part of a major QSO party, isn’t using Logbook of the World, but it’s their choice.

I sent out my first batch of QSL cards this week, responding to cards I received more than a year ago in some cases. I also sent some cards out to some memorable stations, including my first CW contacts.

2 thoughts on “Halfway to DXCC; first QSL cards mailed

  1. So you are dissapointed about stations who do not confirme in a week while you wait a year before sending out a qsl card. Americans, how arrogant they are.

    • OK, fair enough. You got me there. I DID wait a long time to send QSL cards. I waited too long to get them made, but it’s not like I had a stack of SASEs sitting around for a year waiting for confirmations either.

      That makes me slack and maybe a hypocrite, but an “arrogant American?” Come on guy. Why bring political bull-crap into the mix? We’re amateur radio guys and we are (hopefully) united by that.

      Also, I’ve been on LOTW since before I ever made a contact, so I’ve been QSLing practically in real-time since I got into this game.

      I don’t expect any QSLs from foreign stations period. Even if I send off however many greenbacks they want, along with a QSL card, I know there is a chance those QSLs will never be returned. Consequently, I don’t expect any foreign stations to use Logbook of the World, as that is an American service. And I certainly wasn’t being critical of any foreign station.

      I do think American stations should use LOTW (particularly busy contest stations) and I’m a big advocate for the service, as I think it’s great. But whatever. It’s a personal choice. Maybe they don’t like Yaesu (the sponsor) and have a beef with the ARRL. I understand not everyone logs on a computer, and some people have a hard time getting it setup. I’ll live and the world will keep turning.

      Thanks for reading, however you found me.

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