I survived Dragon*Con 2013

"Dieselpunk" radio rig.

“Dieselpunk” radio rig. Click for a more detailed image.

Well it’s been a while since an update here, because I’ve been recovering from a 4-day weekend of debauchery in Atlanta at Dragon*Con 2013.

Last year I was fortunate to hang out at a radio-related science panel or two, but this year there was no radio on the sked. Too bad. That just meant I had more time to shoot photos!

I was working on a decent buzz Friday evening and headed over to the Westin hotel for a late-night “Slasher Film 101” panel when I ran into a group of “Dieselpunk” cosplayers outside the Alternative History track rooms. I noticed one of the guys was wearing a military radio on his back, so I spoke with him for a few moments and asked him what bands the rig operated on. He had no idea what I was talking about, but I took a few shots of the setup. Then I got distracted because a young lady in that same group started asking me photography questions.

Anyway, the rest of my photography from the weekend is over at G+ and I’m very happy with this year’s haul. There’s never enough time!

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