Couple new QSL cards of note; end of summer down-time; SC QSO Party

w0zqMy bid to grab a CW contact during the Kansas QSO Party a few weeks back was confirmed recently when I received a QSL card from W0ZQ. That was an interesting weekend, as the Hawaii QSO Party was also on the airwaves and I needed phone and CW contacts from both states for my Triple Play award. W0ZQ was the only Kansas CW station I heard that weekend, so I was excited to receive his card.

I think the last time I blogged I hadn’t received either CW or phone confirmations from Hawaii. I’m happy to report my single phone contact and one of my CW contacts from the island QSLed via Logbook of the Work, so that state has been swept as well!

ab1qb_frontThis week I also received a card from Anita, AB1QB. This one was especially meaningful, as I follow the blog she and her husband Fred, AB1OC, write, titled  Our Ham Station. Fred and Anita have put together one hell of a world-class ham shack. I’ve never seen anything quite like it, except for W1AW and that insane station in Finland, Radio Arcala.

Anita and I had a QSO during the ARRL RTTY Rookie Round-up, and I believe she won the contest. Her signal was the loudest I heard during that particular effort, which ended up being my worst contest showing of the summer.

ab1qb_backAnyway, her QSL card is as high-class as her ham shack, and I appreciated the views on the back of the card also.

Other developments

With the season for sporadic-E having petered away along with the summer, I’ve dismantled the 6-meter antenna and packed up the mast. We recently sealed our rear deck and I needed to remove the antenna so we could finish the job.

I haven’t had a QSO on any bands for about three weeks now, owing to a strange fascination I’ve suddenly acquired for comic books. I can’t get enough of ’em. I’m teaching a photography class again, and it’s rekindled my love of traditional black and white film processes. My students seem to be enjoying it too, but when I’m out shooting, developing and scanning, I’m obviously not in the ham shack making QSOs. There’s also a matter of some steampunk cosplay that I won’t elaborate on at the moment. Hehe.

S.C. QSO Party

I’ll jump back into the fray this weekend for the S.C. QSO Party, and I plan to operate as a rover with Dwayne, N4LDL, on the eastern side of the state. I’ll post my spots on Twitter via the #hamradio and #scqso hashtags. We may be using Dwayne’s call or mine; I’ll try to make a distinction in my spot postings. If all goes well, we’ll hit some low-population counties.

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