Playing around on the ARRL 10M Contest

My antenna isn’t producing a flat SWR on 10 meters these days, but with a solar flux of 160 during the contest this past weekend, the bands sounded too damned good not to try and make contacts. I dialed my power back by about 50 percent and tried to grab some SSB action, particularly on a few of those western states I rarely hear, such as the Dakotas.

I only operated for about 45 minutes, but grabbed a few new ones for the Worked All States Triple Play. I was able to work all but one of the stations I tried, and he was managing a pile-up. I even got a few nice comments on my signal, which was surprising with the high SWR and lower power. Anyway, I shifted down to the CW portion to try and capture a few more, letting the Winkey and N1MM do the talking. I had successful QSOs with every station I called on CW, and I’ve already had LOTW confirmations for them.

So the WAS Triple Play totals are looking like this (There are a few additional confirmations via QSL cards that are not represented here):


I lost quite a bit of momentum over this busy fall semester, so there’s lots of work left.  More depressing are my DXCC stats: Out of about 80 unique entities worked, only 52 countries are confirmed on LOTW. Ugly!


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