Goals for the new year (or lack thereof…)

I’m a little late to the party with the typical new year’s goals/year-end wrap-up post, but tonight on our club’s two-meter net, the topic for discussion happened to be something along those lines, and I realized that, sadly, I don’t seem to have any new ham radio goals for the new year.

Looking back, 2013 marked an incredible year of ham radio for me. I met almost all of the goals I set out for myself. Here are a few of the achievements I’m particularly proud of:

Who knows what 2014 will bring? I don’t have any burning desires related to ham radio at the moment; any progression is likely to simply be incremental improvement on my current skill-set. My CW is always going to be a work in progress. I’m still 50 (confirmed) entities short of DXCC. If there is any straight-up goal at present, it’s to simply continue working on the WAS Triple Play. I don’t feel like getting TOO hung up on paper-chasing, because life is just too short.

I do look forward to putting in serious efforts on winter and summer Field Day operations and participating in the SC QSO Party again. I enjoy the camaraderie and competition. It would be nice to raise a more efficient antenna system here at home, but I’m satisfied with the dipole for now and a big beam simply isn’t in the cards right now.

As far as hardware goes, I’m running the station of my dreams right now. The K3/P3 is far better than I deserve. Everything is perfectly integrated with my PC for digital modes and CW, and the Heil PR 781 makes me sound good on sideband. There is nothing I would change about the rig at this point. There is a certain comfort in thumbing past magazine ads for the new Yaesus, Kenwoods, Icoms, etc. and not pausing in envy, simply because I know the rig I’m running slays them all.

I hope the remains of this end-of-year lassitude will soon pass. My interest in nearly everything has waned in recent months and I feel like I’m always running 100 miles per hour, only to arrive late to my destination and accomplish very little or nothing after I get there. 

In other news, our club supported a 50K trail race Saturday and I’m still trying to thaw out from the 9-hour effort! Photos and more info posted here.

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