Playing radio on a snow day

It’s day two of being snowbound. After I confirmed my dipole hadn’t been destroyed by falling icy limbs, I fired up the rig and loaded up the K3UK sked page to see what was out there.

Right off the bat I noticed 10m was open, so I grabbed a few stations there: ZZ80SP out of Brazil, and KL7LF out of Alaska, both with booming signals.

I needed Maine for Worked All States, phone, and happened to see WA2HIP on the sked page doing some digital work. I messaged him and we agreed on a 20m frequency to try the SSB contact. He was a good 55-57 and I received a similar report.

Next up, Kt4TN  out of Tennessee wanted to try phone on 17m and 12m, two bands I haven’t done much on. We managed to complete QSOs despite barely copyable signals (I could hear him quite well, owing to the K3’s receiver, although his signal was only about 53 or so).

KJ4DHF messaged me and wanted to give 10m JT9 a shot. It took several tries, but we managed to complete a QSO with signals somewhere in the -20 range both ways.

Next up, some CW — IK2WZM out of Italy wanted to give 15m a shot, and even with a lot of QSB and my non-resonant antenna, we managed to complete the QSO, exchanging 5NN both ways. With some deep QSB, this was one instance in which I couldn’t rely on the K3’s text decode to hold my hand. Using “ear decode” I could make out callsigns and the signal report and that was enough to get the job done.

One thought on “Playing radio on a snow day

  1. Doing the same here too. SWR on the antennas got out of whack with all the ice but it’s all good now. Best DX worked was YJ0OU in Vanuatu but picked up a lot of the W1AW special event stations and some band-fills for other DXCC. Been kind of fun playing radio while working from home.

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