100 countries in the log

I can’t claim a true DXCC because I don’t have all the QSLs to prove it, but according to my logbook, I have contacted 100 unique countries. The entity that finally put me at 100 was the Balearic Islands, more specifically, the party island of Ibiza, via a CW contact.

I decided to try and add some countries to my log this weekend with the ARRL DX contest so I operated very casually Friday night, Saturday morning, and Saturday evening. I only logged a paltry 52 contacts, but still had some fun and scored some decent stations. I was able to one-shot many of the contacts, but some, such as the always-elusive Alaska, and Senegal, required some persistence.

I’ve been at this HF thing for almost exactly two years now. I certainly haven’t been the speediest DXer. When I started, I virtually ignored stateside stations in favor of DX. Then last year around this time I began focusing on states. Like any other hobby, my interests come and go: DX one weekend; states the next; RTTY another weekend; and QSO parties the next.

I’m going to get off the dime for the evening and enjoy my Ibiza contact with some “Balearic ambient music” and a refreshing beverge!

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