Two new ones

I got really lucky tonight. I stopped by the K3UK Sked Page to see if there were any stations on I needed for the Triple Play.

Sure enough, Jim, N7ESU, out of Idaho was on. I need both digital and CW contacts from that state, so I messaged Jim and he graciously agreed to help me get a digital contact. He was already on 80M JT65, so we made the attempt there. Several passes in and it looked like the QSO wasn’t going to happen. He messaged me back on the sked page and indicated he could see me on the waterfall. I couldn’t copy him though.

After about 15 minutes of trying, I messaged him and told him the conditions just weren’t right on my end. I had S9+ noise on 80 meters. I was going to give up, when my computer suddenly decoded N7ESU’s signal out of a seemingly empty waterfall. He sent me a -20 report and I sent him a -27 to complete the QSO.

I was about to call it a night when I noticed KF2T out of Nevada on the sked page. He helped me last year with a digital mode QSO, so I figured he may be able to help me score a CW QSO in short order. We popped over to 40 meters. He was 539 and I suspect I wasn’t much better but we both sent 5NN reports for the exchange.

It’s nice to get both of these in the log. I’m already looking forward to this weekend’s NAQP RTTY contest.

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